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Boston, Lincs
Drawing by G.J.E.Waterfield
The Cap Brick Tower Fan tail Fly Spear Handrail Fly Spurn Stricking Chain Striking Lever Regulating Weight Striking Rod Sail Whip Shades or Shutters Striking Rule Spider Sail Cross Windshaft Brake Wheel Cap Shear or Traverse Beam Rope Baulk Headstock Tail Beam Fan Gears Curb Upright Shaft Crown Wheel Sack Hoist Drive Sack Hoist Operating Lever Dust Floor Granary Floor Millstone Floor Balcony / Grinding Floor 2nd Meal Floor 1st Meal Floor Ground Floor Grain Bin Dog Clutch Spur Wheel Stone Nut Quant / Top Spindle Bridge Tree Hopper Hopper Legs Shoe Stone Case Toe-Pot Governor Balcony Doors Meal Spout Balcony Flour Dresser Mixing Machine Support Post Basement

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The full drawing 30cm x 42 cm is available from the Maud Foster Mill and there is also one available for the Alford Mill

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  1. The Cap - themovable top section of the mill. This allows the sails to be kept head into wind.

  2. Brick Tower - the main tower (structure) of the mill, built of brick and coated with tar for weatherproofing.

  3. Fan tail - fan blades which catch the wind if it comes from any angle other than the front, when it turns, driveshafts and gearing turn the cap. The whole mechanism is designed to keep the sails head into wind.

  4. Fly Spear - Main support of the fantail

  5. Fly Spurn - Secondary support for the fantail

  6. Handrail - you guessed it - a handrail to aid the miller maintain the fantail mechanism

  7. Striking Chain - A chain which carries the regulating weight for the Patent sail mechanism

  8. Striking Lever - A lever which carries the movement of the striking rod to the striking chain

  9. Regulating Weight - This weight is used to keep the shutters of the Patent sails shut against the power of the wind, the heavier the weight the more wind will be caught by the sails and therefore the more power will be passed into the mill and grinding stones.

  10. Striking Rod - Transmits the movement of the Spider through the centre of the Windshaft to the striking lever.

  11. Sail Whip - A piece of timber fitted to the front of the Stocks (main sail beams) to carry the sail bars and shutters.

  12. Shades - or Shutters, the flaps which when closed form the sail, as the wind gets stronger, they open to spill excess wind so as to control the power and speed of the mill. The force needed to open the shades is controlled through the striking gear (7,8,10,14,13)  by the Regulating weight (9)

  13. Striking Rule - A rod passing the length of the sail and connected to the Shades, it is connected to the Spider (14) and controlled by the striking gear.

  14. Spider - A complicated system of levers which connect the Striking Rules (13)(one per sail) to the Striking Rod (8) which passes through the Windshaft.

  15. Sail Cross - A large metal cross (on a four sailed mill) fitted to the front of the Windshaft (16), which carries the sail Stocks.

  16. Windshaft - The main shaft which carries the sails and transmits the power into the mill, it also carries the Brake Wheel (17).

  17. Brake Wheel - This is the main Gear Wheel on the windshaft, around it is a wooden/metal band which can be clamped down onto the outer rim to act as a brake.

  18. Cap Shear or Traverse Beam - The main supporting beams of the Cap (1)

  19. Rope Baulk - The main beam carrying the front end bearing of the windshaft.

  20. Headstock - Front support of the Cap (1).

  21. Tail Beam - Rear support of the Cap (1), carries the back bearing of the Windshaft (16).

  22. Fan Gears - The gears which transmits the movement of the Fantail (3) to the mechanism which turns the Cap (1).

  23. Curb - The track on which the Cap (1) turns.

  24. Upright Shaft - The main Drive shaft which runs vertically down the Mill.

  25. Crown Wheel - The Gear wheel at the top of the Upright shaft (24) which meshes with the Brake Wheel (17).

  26. Sack Hoist Drive - Driving mechanism for the Sack hoist.

  27. Sack Hoist Operating Lever - The lever which diss/engages the sack hoist drive mechanism.

  28. Dust Floor - The Grain is lifted (by the sack hoist) to this floor where it is poured into the Grain bins (35) on the floor below.

  29. Granary Floor - The floor containing the Grain bins (35).

  30. Millstone Floor - The floor housing the Grinding stones (44).

  31. Balcony / Grinding Floor - The floor where the Mill is controlled from, the miller has access to the Balcony (49) where he can adjust the Regulating Weight (9) and view the weather. The Ground meal is bagged on this floor as it falls from the Stones (44) above, the miller can inspect the meal and adjust the gap between the Stones and therefore the fineness of the meal using the Tentering gear (39, 46).

  32. 2nd Meal Floor - Used for storage and Auxiliary machines.

  33. 1st Meal Floor - Used for storage and Auxiliary machines.

  34. Ground Floor - Often used as an office and loading bay.

  35. Grain Bin - Storage bins for the grain.

  36. Dog Clutch - A crude clutch which is either engaged or not, used to disconnect the stones from the sails for maintenance.

  37. Spur Wheel - A large Gear wheel at the base of the Upright Shaft (24) which powers the Stones.

  38. Stone Nut - These are small Gear wheels which mesh with the Spur Wheel to power the stones. They can be disconnected if if the miller does not require that stone to be grinding..

  39. Bridge Tree - The support for the Runner Stone (The moving stone of the pair).

  40. Quant / Top Spindle - A  shaft (square, on overdriven stones) connecting the Runner stone to the Stone Nut.

  41. Hopper - As the Grain falls from the Grain Bin (35), it is held in the Hopper which then controls the flow of grain.

  42. Hopper Legs - Supports for the Hopper

  43. Shoe - A trough attached to the hopper which guides the grain into the Eye of the stones.

  44. Stone Case - A wooden box which surrounds the Grinding Stones to keep the dust contained.

  45. Toe-Pot - The bottom bearing of the Upright Shaft (24).

  46. Governor - Heavy Metal Balls fixed to arms which spin around as the mill turns, the faster the mill turns the further out these balls fly, this is connected by levers to the Tentering Gear which controls the gap between the Stones. This is an automatic device to prevent the stones overheating and allows more grain to enter the stones if the wind power is strong enough.

  47. Balcony Doors - Doors onto the Balcony.

  48. Meal Spout - Wooden tube to carry the Meal from the Stones to a point where bags can be fixed to collect it.

  49. Balcony - A balcony built around the mill just below the lowest point passed by the sails, originally this allowed the miller to reach the sails on high mills (as the early mills had cloth sails which have to be manually set and unset as he weather changed). Allows for easier maintenance of the Sails.

  50. Flour Dresser - A machine which cleans the flour to give a higher grade of flour.

  51. Mixing Machine - For mixing different meal, produced on different stones to get the required consistency / mix required by the baker.

  52. Support Post - Helps to support the floor above.

  53. Basement - An air gap under the floor to keep the mill dry.

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