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Mill ID Number 6314
Mill Name : Sarehole Watermill
Type : water mill
Status : open to public
Dates : 1540(previous mill) 1750(currant mill built) 1919(mill fell out of use) 1960(res)
New Address : Birmingham Hall Green
Original Address :
Country : uk
Post Code :
Grid Ref : SP 098 818. OS Sheet 139
Description : In Cole Bank Road, Hall Green, B4146, signposted off A34 Stratford road.
The present 3-storey mill dates from the 1760s, built on an earlier site. The mill was used for corn milling, metal rolling and blade grinding(By Mathew Bolton). It last worked commercially in 1919 and was extensively restored in the 1960s. There is a working breast shot wood/metal wheel and an all metal over shot wheel that sadly no longer runs due to a cave in in the tail race. Milling takes place on demonstration days, once a month usually Sundays. There is now a Tea Room which was added in 2007 which adds quality to a visit. Even though the mill is close to a road there is suprising tranquility to be found in the courtyard and looking over the mill pond. The Mill has connections to J.R.R. Tolkien as it was a place of happy memories for the author whos mother rented a house nearby for 4 years in his youth.
The mill is owned by Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
Opening times : April to October, daily, including Bank Holidays, 11.30am - 16.00pm. Parties by prior appointment.
Web Site :
Contact Name : Irene/Kevyn/Linda/ or Kristina Williamson
Contact Email :
Contact Tel : Curator/Manager, 0121 303 4698
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