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Mill ID Number 6452
Mill Name : Windmill Hill Windmill
Type : post wind mill
Status : open to public
Dates :
New Address : Windmill Hill
Original Address :
County : Sussex East
Country : uk
Post Code : BN27 4RT
Grid Ref :
Description : This unique British windmill is maintained by the Windmill Hill Windmill Trust which aims to restore it to full working order. It is unique in that it is the only post mill that has not been restored since 1892, and is therefore in a very original state. It is also the second tallest post mill in the country after Friston in Suffolk and is the largest hand turned post mill. It contains the only sweep governor in existence and has a cambered lower crosstree which is thought to be the only one of its kind. The trust aims to pay for the restoration through grants and sponsorship. We have the privilege of being awarded a grant of £577,000 which is 80% of the total restoration cost. This is the biggest-ever grant given by the Heritage Lottery Fund in the UK for the restoration of an individual windmill and it recognises the importance of a unique example of our industrial heritage and landmark that gives its name to the village. The trust's current challenge is to raise the further 20% (£130,000) before work can start and we are interested to hear from anyone who can suggest sources of funds or who would like to make a donation or sponsor this project. The trust can be contacted at

When restored the windmill will also have new facilities and educational resources telling the building's history.
Opening times : The windmill at Windmill Hill, East Sussex, will be open on UK National Mills day (12th of May 2002). Times are 10am to 4pm. This is an all age event with activities being held through the day. Oth
Web Site :
Contact Name : Bee Frost
Contact Email :
Contact Tel :
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